become physically & mentally strong

become physically & mentally strong

Program Overview:

The Mindful Titan Program provides you with a beautiful integration of physical and mental health. The programs provided integrate core training, resistance, strength, mindfulness, and psychotherapeutic techniques. There are 3 levels to the program based on your abilities and goals. First goal is tailored for beginners, the second is intermediate, and the third is athletic. 

All 3 levels tackle mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and procrastination.

Also, there are personalized training programs based on each individual needs, and even for specialized conditions like injuries.

Program Goals:

• Developing a healthy lifestyle

• Control unhealthy negative thinking

• Personality understanding and coping mechanisms

• Core strength and high functioning exercise

• Emphasizing on diets that boost your mood

Biography of the Founder:

Joseph V. Zeidan is a Mental Health Specialist, psychotherapist, Complex Trauma Specialist, and Mindfulness Teacher. His main practice revolves around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Exposure Therapy, and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy. He has treated over 250 cases with various conditions such as clinical depression, anxiety spectrum, borderline personality, and rehabilitated victims of torture with complex post-traumatic stress disorder

Joseph has established Mynd Care LLC as a health education company to provide his findings and experiences in the form of workshops and help as many as possible achieve their best identity and build resilience in the face of sudden changes.


1- Core training

2- Specialized Cardio

3- Mindful strength

1- Core Training

2- Strength & Resistance

3- Mindfulness & Breath

4- Synchronized Cardio

1- Targeted workouts based on athletic goal

2- Treating pressure-infused depression

3- Building resilience against performance anxiety

4- Physcial/mental control exercises

Confidentiality is highly important so no personal information can be shared without the consent of the client and/or guardian in case of minor. Information can only be shared after the consent with a professional in the field. For more information you can reach out via email or phone. Mental Health Disorder is in reference to the Diagnostical and Statistical Measurements of Diseases 5.

The Mindful Titan Programs


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