Professional Empathy Program

Professional empathy program

Welcome to your journey in self-therapy!

To get the best out of this program, we recommend you take a week between each video to implement all the exercises given for efficiency.

Session 1 Overview:

This session provides you with a clinical and scientific approach to emotional intelligence. You will learn how the founder of Professional empathy, Carl Rogers, designed this social construct in a beautifully practical way.

• Emotional Intelligence from a clinical perspective.

• Carl Rogers’ Empathetic comprehension. 

Session 2 Overview:

The essence of this session give you the ability to fully understand your emotional reactions in a conceptual form. You will also learn the significant difference between apathy, antipathy, sympathy, and empathy. These are the essence of emotional reactions we do and you will learn how to catch them.

• The Wheel of Emotions.

• Apathy, antipathy, sympathy, and empathy.

Session 3 Overview:

This is the epic conclusion of the workshop where we implement everything we learned into day-to-day behavior. You will learn how to switch aggressive reactions into a sense of curiosity, and you will build your sense of interest into your emotions.

• Behavioral Modification to promote empathy.

• The importance of curiosity. 

Confidentiality is highly important so no personal information can be shared without the consent of the client and/or guardian in case of minor. Information can only be shared after the consent with a professional in the field. For more information you can reach out via email or phone. Mental Health Disorder is in reference to the Diagnostical and Statistical Measurements of Diseases 5.

Personal Forum Q&A is done via email:

Other manuals you can request to buy

Price: $75

Understanding Empathy from a cognitive Behavioral Approach:
the Manual

Understanding Empathy is a comprehensive manual for businesses and individuals whom are looking to implement a form of professionalism and confidence in their everyday life, whether in the workforce or in their personal lives. You can use these techniques in your workforce, however they do not grant you the ability to become a psychotherapist.

* E-book will be emailed to you within 7 days of purchase


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