Dealing with Performance Anxiety Program

dealing with performance anxiety program

Welcome to your journey in self-therapy!

To get the best out of this program, we recommend you take a week between each video to implement all the exercises given for efficiency.

Session 1 Overview:

This session helps you understand all factors that contribute to anxiety. We focus on the 5 scientific factors and specifying how performance anxiety happens, while tackling the first step of it through evidence-based practices.

• Understanding the 5 factors of Anxiety

• Initial treatment of Performance Anxiety

Session 2 Overview:

This session focuses on steering out mindset from focusing on performance to focusing on communication as a means to treat the anxiety. We focus on the voice and its importance, as well the highest red flags to avoid when it comes to public speaking and presentations.

• The importance of your voice and how to take care of it.

• The red flags that lead to performance anxiety and how to treat them.

Session 3 Overview:

In this session, you learn Psychological first aid to treat potential panic attacks on-the-spot. You will learn the importance of exposure and how to do it, as well as the most efficient technique you need to know to enhance communication and criticism. You will also learn the powerful foundations of speech.

• Learning Psychological First Aid (PFA).

• Learning exposure to face fear.

• Learning the powerful foundations of speech.

Confidentiality is highly important so no personal information can be shared without the consent of the client and/or guardian in case of minor. Information can only be shared after the consent with a professional in the field. For more information you can reach out via email or phone. Mental Health Disorder is in reference to the Diagnostical and Statistical Measurements of Diseases 5.

Personal Forum Q&A is done via email:

Other manuals you can request to buy

Price: $75

Introduction to
the Anxiety spectrum:
the Manual

Introduction to the Anxiety Spectrum is a manual for anyone who would like to know more about what anxiety is, and learn different techniques in treatment of mental challenges being faced on an everyday basis. You can use these techniques in your workforce, however they do not grant you the ability to become a psychotherapist.

* E-book will be emailed to you within 7 days of purchase


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