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Here is where you will find a beautiful bundle of programs that provide you with every evidence-based therapeutic technique that worked on thousands of people whom needed a boost in their life. Whether it was Depression, Anxiety, and even self-development, here is where you will find the answers and the life-changing building-blocks of your psyche.
On this website, you will find our blogs and research articles, and our evidence-based workshops for your development. These programs have been built based on studying different populations and cultures in over 12 countries, designing the therapeutic programs based on our findings, putting these programs in effect, and deriving the findings to find the success and gaps of each program for enhancement. These programs have provided a tremendous understanding of the gaps in different populations and how to tackle them. And we found to our surprise, that we all share the same individual challenges & the means to overcome them. We all have the ability in managing stress, and in understanding depression. We all have the capability in performing in our lives and how to control our anger. You will find all the answers right here.

Joseph V. Zeidan

Mental Health Trainer & Professional

Specializes in: - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy - Complexe Trauma Rehabilitation - Borderline Personality Disorder

Joseph is a Mental Health Trainer & Professional. He specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, and Complex Trauma. His research and experiences have been designed in the form of therapeutic workshops to enhance mental resilience.
Branching his experience in the middle east, his work has identified the main building blocks in vulnerable populations to enhance mental healthcare and individual resilience.
With over 250 cases treated, and thousands of therapeutic workshops implemented, he has bundled up all his findings into the segments you see in this website today.
Hoping his life’s work will be the start of your journey in self-therapy.


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